1.Remove dials, nuts and display as it helps to push through the pots when removing the internal boards.

2.Unscrew the backplate and remove the protective plastic

3. The power LED needs to be removed to gain full access so remove the screw holding it in (its brass coloured in my DD-3)

4. The capacitor is soldered onto lugs 1 and 3 (outer two) of the effect level. (You can also solder the cap’ between the slider and ground if you wish instead)

5. I have used a 0.068uf (68nf) capacitor for this job which provides a darker more analog-like sound for each repeat with a hi-cut filtering effect.

Heartbreaker (bass)
Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin II Multitracks



Isolated bass to Heartbreaker.

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I decided to swap the stock speaker in my practice amp with this Celestion Super 8. When the stock speaker was de-soldered I decided to clip off the old speaker connections and use the bare wire. Keeping some sort of cloth between the speaker and the soldering points helped keep solder off the new speaker. This entire process took a little longer than expected and I needed to brush off some dirt from the connections afterwards but works fine now and most importantly, sounds much better.

Tone Chasing & Sampling

Started finding suitable guitar tones and sampling various synth’s such as the Nord Lead for my next album project today. Sampling is quite tedious so hopefully the sounds will be worth it!

Someone picked some great music for this ice climbing movie :-)